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New suppliers listing on OEMSecrets

During the past couple of months has been working hard to improve the search results for electronic components in the electronics industry allowing a more comprehensive listing on all component requirements available. Recently a new predictive search feature has been introduced to show all possible results based on a keyword search inputed into the search bar which works by taking the first 3 letters/numbers of your part and producing a drop down list of other parts you might be interested in. Combining this with the automatic wild-card feature gives a broader spectrum of results in and around the part number that was originally searched. Not only that but the supplier information pages have been updated to give a live view of the company’s website and contact details to enhance the experience and provide a lot more information at the click of your mouse.

With new suppliers such as C Plus Electronics, BasicEparts , Transfer Multisort Elektronik, WPG Americas and Area51 coming onboard and many more in the pipeline the amount of results are rapidly increasing providing you with more choice! As the whole website is free for the user to search you should have no problems locating the part requirements you need with no hidden charges. Not only do OEMSecrets advertise stock from both franchised and non-franchised suppliers but there is a help required service if the part you searched for is either no longer available or is not listing on the website which sends a requirement to an approved list of vendors who will do the searching for you. This service is also free and simple to use!

To wet your appetites more there will be even more changes to the website providing more user friendly services for direct price comparisons between franchised distributors which will be rolled out in the coming months so keep popping in to check these out.

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Compare the Market

Compare the market…

Ready for price comparision sites to hit the electronic component distribution industry? – This site gives great value to anyone buying electronic components. Would you sign up to a website and pay to search for where to buy your car insurance? At the moment in the electronics industry this is actually the case. Many sites charge an annual fee to the users before they are able to use the site to search. OEMsecrets is changing the way the industry searches for components as there is no sign in process, giving the user instant free access to view all the major distributors inventory for free. Distributors like Digi-key, Farnell,Newark,Avnet,Arrow and many more are all listing inventory on the site, with more and more suppliers uploading inventory every day.

That’s not all though, users are now wanting more and more- not only do they want datasheets and images and other information to help at the design stages,but they also want to know which suppliers have stock what the lead times are and how they are packaged. OEMsecrets is going even futher than this, shortly we will release a new version which will allow users to compare prices from the major distributors by quantity, simply entering a quantity to display the cheapest suppliers for the quantities they require.

In some cases parts may be obsolete /EOL. To help with this we have added a new independent supplier section on the site. This part of the site enables users to look at quality non-franchised distriubtors real in-stock inventory. We screen the suppliers to make sure they really have the inventory on their shelves and we don’t list any inventory from China. With these checks in place we can drastically reduce the chance of purchasing any poor quality/counterfit items. Should the user want to see more information about a supplier there is a page in which they can look at the suppliers information for any accreditations, ISO approvals etc.

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What’s happening in the electronic world

Electronics Distributors Online

DigiKey recently dropped their catalogue in favour of on-line sales. This is typical of the developments in the electronics distribution industry. All the major franchised distributors are trying to give the buyer all the tools they need in one easy to use website, even helping them to approve components at the design stage using sites like element14.
Buyers also want and expect more; they want live stock levels, pricing, packaging information like reel sizes etc.

OEMsecrets have listened to the major distributors and thousands of buyers from large OEM’s across the globe, and have developed a price comparison website where users can see millions of lines of inventory from all the major distributors with up to date stock levels, pricing etc. OEMsecrets is still developing the site further so the user will eventually be able to tailor the site to suit their specific requirements. Users will be able to send multiple requests to several distributors with just a few simple clicks. They will also be able to price thousands of items in just a few minutes using the BOM Machine, a tool that enables the user to upload their list of items. It then checks the items with the major distributors and returns the results with pricing and stock levels. The user can even price up the whole BOM in one currency even though the distributors may be in other countries.

Recently OEMsecrets have removed the log in and made the site 100% FREE for anyone to use. OEMserets have also split the search results screen so it displays both the franchised and non-franchised inventory separately. There are no distributors in China listed on the website. All inventory is in-stock only, no available stock is advertised on the website.
OEMsecrets is one of the fastest growing component sourcing websites online, with over 15 million line items of electronic components listed on the website. OEMsecrets lists global inventory feeds from the likes of DigiKey, Avnet, Arrow, Farnell, Future, Newark, Online Components etc and posts in-stock inventory from a number of independent distributors. OEMsecrets therefore caters for all active, passive, electro-mechanical and obsolete component requirements.

It’s OEMsecrets’ intention to give the user all the information they may possibly need on one free and easy to use website in order to find and buy electronic components: Our Website @ or about us @ About Us