Independent Distributors Can Now List In-Stock Inventory on

Independent Distributors Can Now List In-Stock Inventory on

For two years, OEMsecrets have only approved franchised distributors to list inventory on the website. After building up one of the largest online databases for electronics professionals to find and buy parts online from franchised distributors, OEMsecrets removed the log in and made the site 100% FREE for anyone to use:

OEMsecrets’ focus is on creating greater value for buyers and engineers alike. Their team surveyed the 3500 OEMs who had previously signed up for membership on the website enquiring about independent distributors and approximately 95% of respondents stated that they would like to see independent distributors listing in-stock inventory on the website.

Following the overwhelming response, OEMsecrets made the decision to transform their business model and welcome independent distributors onto the website to post their inventory. For further exposure, OEMsecrets have also split the search results screen so it displays both the franchised and non-franchised distributors inventory separately. There are no distributors in China listed on the website and all inventory is in-stock only in attempt to solve the counterfeit epidemic in the supply chain.

Buyers and engineers now expect a certain level of online service such with the shopping cart links and online buying facilities from franchised distributors. However, independent distributors are swiftly adapting to change, with more and more emerging with e-commerce facilities on their sites. This is highlighted by independent distributors such as TME showing shopping carts on OEMsecrets. Independent distributors with the stock actually on their shelves offer just as much value as franchised distributors as they are transforming the sales strategies to an online focus.

With live pricing and inventory levels from the industries largest franchised and independent distributors, purchasing professionals can drive down the costs of builds through swiftly locating electronic components on OEMsecrets. Furthermore, after finding the required parts, the buyer then has the capability of searching for the price needed to secure the order. This is made easy though shopping cart facilities on OEMsecrets which send the part directly into the distributors shopping cart ready for order.

OEMsecrets have listened to the major distributors and thousands of buyers from large OEM’s across the globe, and have developed a price comparison website where users can see millions of lines of inventory from all the major distributors with up to date stock levels and pricing.

With over 13 millions line items of inventory listed from the industries most reputable franchised and independent distributors, OEMsecrets is generating a reputation as one of the fastest growing component sourcing websites online.

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