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USNC/IECQ Distributor and Functional Testing Laboratory Advisory Group Development Update

The Distributors Advisory Group (DAG) is pleased to share the progress that is being made in the development of IECQ Counterfeit Avoidance in the USNC/IECQ Distributor and laboratory Advisory Groups.

Through the extraordinary efforts of Todd Kramer, Secure Components and the marketing and business development expertise of Julia Kocs, ECC Corporation, substantial progress has been made in the development of the USNC/IECQ DAG over the past 60 to 90 days.  As of today, 4 new members have been added to the USNC/IECQ IAB, three in the DAG and 1 in the Functional Test Labs, and relationships have been devleoped with GIDEP, ERAI, IDEA, Applied DNA Science, OEM Secrets, Net Components the DLA and others.

DAG have created a state-of-the-art Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance (CAMA) website and begun the development of the Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance and the Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance Repository Management System, (CAMARMS).
Both the CAMA and the CAMARMS programs are getting very good reviews in the initial marketing outreach.
The USNC/IECQ IAB and DAG are hosting a conference/meeting in Milwaukee WI from September 18th-20th. For more information please contact Christina Clark at the ECCC: At next weeks meetings, Todd and Julia will introduce two items for resolution by the DAG Membership, one will be the use of the new repository management system and the second, calling for the adoption by USNC/IECQ DAG Members to insist that their suppliers hold at least one of “IECQ Certification” plus IECQ ESD.

Depending on the supplier, acceptable IECQ Certifications would be one or more of the following:

Manufacturers Approval, (MA)
Technology Approval, (TA)
Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM)
Counterfeit Avoidance Process Management System (CAPMS) (This process approval program will be based on the IECQ QC 03-7 Rules of Procedure and SAE AS 6081 or AS 5553 as appropriate)
Automotive Qualification Approval (AQP)

Following the meetings next week, Press Releases will be sent out addressing these programs as well as brochures to help the Supply Chain find the resources they need for Training, Implementation and Certification.

For additional insight and ongoing information regarding the activities under way please visit the website, join DAG social media programs and visit the following links.

In this link you will find the banner ad posted on the ePartners page of OEM Secrets:
In addition to the shared marketing with OEM Secrets, DAG have also received a complimentary banner posting on the Net Components website.  This was in support of the September 6th Webinar hosted by Todd Kramer.  Together these two organizations represent membership of more than 4000 companies.,,

The USNC/IECQ DAG and the Functional Test Labs, Chaired by Mike Silverman, Ops Alacarte, will hold their first meetings in Milwaukee on September 18th and 19th and will participate in the other activities as appropriate.

Other Links that may be of interest.
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