OEMsecrets Launches the Electronics Industry’s First Price Comparison Tool

OEMsecrets Announes the First Price Comparison Tool in the Electronics Industry…

Imagine looking for a part, and within seconds seeing all the stock available from not just the major distributors, but the manufacturers direct and even non-franchised distributors all in one place, all ready and waiting for your prized click to their cart. It dosen’t end there, how about if you could see who has the cheapest price?

OEMsecrets has spent the last three years working on a portal ready to accept the complicated data feeds which include millions of images, price breaks, manufacturer codes the list goes on. They then process these huge data feeds and display the exact information the user requires in an instant. What’s more is they are providing all this information for to the user for free. Visit www.oemsecrets.com for the electronics industry’s first comparison search engine for electronics parts and components.

If you have any feedback, would like to recommend a distributor or can help OEMsecrets.com improve their service, please contact support@oemsecrets.com. Please help to share the worst kept secret in the electronics industry..

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