Element 14 APAC, Jameco, Ralph’s Electronics, Today Components and Allcom Electronics Join OEMsecrets.com

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Element 14 APAC, Jameco Electronics, Ralphs Electronics, Today Components and Allcom Electronics are the latest distributors to join OEMsecrets.com, the comparison search engine for electronics. The for-mentioned distributors are now listing their pricing and inventory on the website, which links buyers directly into their shopping carts ready for order: www.oemsecrets.com

Element 14 APAC join Premier Farnell partners, Newark, Farnell, MCM and soon CPC with enlisting their live pricing and inventory on the comparison search engine. Element 14 APAC will further strengthen the services provided to visitors from the ASIA region on the website.

Jameco, Ralph’s Electronics and Today Components are all large authorised distributors in the US, with e-commerce sites tailor made for comparison search engines like OEMsecrets.com. Allcom Electronics are an independent stocking distributor located in the US, with a growing reputation for reliablity and high quality.

If you have any feedback, would like to recommend a distributor or can help OEMsecrets.com improve their service, please contact support@oemsecrets.com. Please help to share the worst kept secret in the electronics industry..

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