MEMS Sensors for Smart Industry 4.0


High-performance and ultra-low-power sensing solutions for Industry 4.0 with
10 years longevity commitment

Sensors are becoming ever more essential for industrial applications and ST offers a broad portfolio of MEMS sensor solutions with superior accuracy, flexibility and high quality, ideally tailored to industrial needs. By introducing precise inclinometers and a comprehensive range of products for vibration measurement, ST MEMS help to detect potential mechanical system failure in predictive maintenance applications. ST MEMS Industrial Sensors fulfill industrial requirements by ensuring Longevity with a minimum of 10 years life time guarantee.

ST complements its product offer for industrial applications, providing appropriate software and application notes that facilitate the activities of the system designers. This complete offer of solutions is covering all from the hardware implementation to the firmware drivers through the ready application examples.


MEMs sensors’ sample kit


10 Years Longevity Commitment

To keep up with industry 4.0, you’ll need the right industrial-ready foundation — and with ST sensors, you’ll have it. All of these MEMS sensors are part of ST’s 10 years Longevity commitment which assures continuity and stability of supply for a minimum of ten years, starting from the date of introduction.  

Part Description DIL socket adapters
IIS2DH Compact, 3-axis digital low power accelerometer –
FS ±2 -> ±16g
IIS328DQ High performance, 3-axis digital, extended temperature range accelerometer – FS ±2 -> ±8g STEVAL-MKI170V1
IIS3DHHC High performance inclinometer 3-axis digital – FS ±2.5g STEVAL-MKI186V1 (*)
I3G4250D High performance, 3-axis digital Gyroscope -,
FS ±245 -> ±2000 dps
Inertial Measurement Unit IMU
ISM330DLC Ultra low power, smart feature,s 3-axis axel – FS ±2 -> ±16 g,
3-axis gyro – FS ±125 -> ±2000 dps
Magnetometer & Compass  
IIS2MDC Stand alone, 3-axis digital magnetometer – FS ±50Ga STEVAL-MKI185V1
ISM303DAC 3-axis magnetometer – FS ±50Ga, 3-axis axel – FS ±16g STEVAL-MKI184V1

(*) This DIL socket is not compatible with Nucleo IKS01A2


Development Ecosystem

No matter your needs, ST offers the right parts, boards and DIL24 adapters for an easy evaluation. The sockets can be plugged into the professional MEMS tool STEVAL-MKI109V3 based on the STM32F401VET6 microcontroller and also into the MEMS expansion Shield X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2, compatible with the STM32 Nucleo development system. The STEVAL-MKIT02V1 MEMS sensors’ sample kit includes 4 different MEMS sensor adapters to facilitate the evaluation of the IIS2MDC, IIS2DH, ISM330DLC and II3DHHC devices.  
Unicleo-GUI is a graphical user interface for the X-CUBE-MEMS-XT1 software expansion and STM32Nucleo expansion board X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 supporting Industrial sensors DIL24 sockets.

The UNICO GUI, included in the STWS-MKI109W software package, provides a user-friendly graphic interface to test the sensor operation.

AlgoBuilder is a graphical design application to build and use algorithms. It quickly elaborates prototypes of applications for STM32 microcontrollers and MEMS sensors, including already existing algorithms.

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