The Make The World A Better Place Design Challenge

Do your part to Make the World a Better Place and win cash prizes.

Design engineers and developers sit in a unique position. They literally have the power to change the world. IAR Systems, Renesas, and Embedded Computing Design are now asking the embedded community to put those powers to good use, and Make the World a Better Place. In this unique challenge, the Better Place Challenge team are asking the electronics engineering community to develop solutions that will make a positive impact – and awarding $10,500 USD in cash prizes to transform those solutions into realities. You could improve health, save lives, time, or money, reduce energy consumption, or improve the world in some other way. The team have set some preliminary boundaries; the rest is up to you.


Phase One (May – August)

First, put your idea down on paper. Explain how your design will “Make the World a Better Place,” including the marketability of the end product. Then explain all the hardware and software that would be required, with a detailed bill of materials. If your “paper design” is selected as one of up to twenty finalists, the Better Place Challenge team will send you the hardware and software that’s available from the sponsors (you’re on the hook for the rest).

Phase Two (August – November)

Build your design and get it to function in the manner described in Stage One. Take a video of your design in action, and submit the video with any explanation that’s needed.