ON Semiconductor 48V automotive applications

The right components to meet the ambitious new standards of the automotive industry

In modern car design, one of the most significant developments is the shift to hybrid and fully electric vehicles which requires a fundamental change in the architecture of vehicles’ electrical systems. One of the key reasons for the introduction of 48V DC systems alongside the traditional 12V DC systems is that 48V allows higher currents and greater power delivery.

And this is urgently needed as modern cars consume much more electrical energy. Furthermore, adding 48V systems brings greater fuel economy and reduced emissions at relatively low cost by enabling hybridization. By driving auxiliary functions such as power steering racks, brake vacuum pumps and water pumps with electric motors rather than using a power transmission from the engine, 48V systems help to run internal combustion engines more efficiently.

Shifting to 48V demands the development of a wide range of new componentry that can operate at this higher voltage and meet the ambitious new standards of the automotive industry.

ON Semiconductor are a top 10 global semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, with more than two decades of success delivering innovative, automotive grade semiconductor solutions. With an industry leading portfolio of more than 10,000 automotive grade (AEC) products, ON Semiconductor remains committed to rigorous quality standards that address the demands of the automotive industry.

Discover ON Semiconductor’s solutions for 48V automotive applications right now!

Whitepaper: 48V Automotive Applications

Today, with so many vehicles being on the streets worldwide, CO2 emissions have become a real problem, contributing approximately 12% to the global CO2 pollution. Car manufacturers are forced to find alternative solutions to their traditional ICE designs, shifting their focus to alternative energy sources, such as electricity.

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