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MicroCrystal RV-8803 – A Really Accurate RTC June 17, 2019- RTC chips traditionally were the domain of Maxim and NXP. Switzerland-based MicroCrystal recently made quite a buzz with its RV-8803, which offers simple integration, an I2C interface and extreme accuracy. Let us start out by looking at a system overview. Figure one shows how this I2C RTC is made up internally – interested observers note […]
Analog Devices’ LTM2887 – If a Digital Bus Needs Galvanic Isolation June 15, 2019- In theory, digital buses are intended to connect things to one another. Sadly, one sometimes wants but a logical connection – in many cases, galvanic isolation helps out. Should you ever feel like isolating very fast buses, definitely give the LTM2887 a chance. From a technical point of view, Linear Technologies attempt at entering the […]
AVAGO APDS-9008 or APDS-9005-020 – Keeping an Eye on Ambient Light June 14, 2019- Recent times saw quite a bit of interest for part numbers such as the APDS-9008 or APDS-9005-020 – they are a very interesting type of ambient light sensor. One of the oldest questions in regards to light sensors involves their spectral sensitivity. If a part is to output but one voltage level, the conversion between […]
STMicroelectronics’ LIS2DH12 – Low Power Motion Sensing June 12, 2019- Apple’s iPhone introduced gyroscopic sensors to a wider range – before that, accelerometers were not commonly found in consumer hardware. STM sells excellent parts which, however, get little media attention – time to take a look at the LIS2DH12. Integrating the part into your circuit as an MPU6500 alternative or MPU9500 alternative is not difficult. […]
Panasonic AMG8833 – FLIR for cheap June 7, 2019- FLIR made infrared thermal sensors cool – sadly, their parts are all but cheap (and suffer from export control problems). Panasonic’s Grid-EYE family is a low-resolution alternative which comes at significantly lower cost. From a technical point of view, Panasonic’s image sensor could not be simpler. We are looking at an 8×8 sensor with an […]
DipTronics DTS-62R-V – Small Switch, Very Big (and Very Cheap) June 5, 2019- When yours truly was but a lowly cadet, various US manufacturers produced (pricey but quite reliable) switches. Chinese vendors recently started to catch up – seeing the DTS-62R-V top our customer interest list shows that the run stage of the crawl-walk-run cycle is reached. DipTronics has been around the Asian switch market for ages, exhibiting […]
Wuerth 970170151 – Hex Spacing Made Easy June 1, 2019- Anyone who ever tore down a HP 8753C’s power supply during repairs has, for sure, marveled at the hex nuts HP used to keep the unit together. Thanks to German engineering powerhouse Wuerth, doing something similar does no longer require you to venture away from traditional electronics distributors. Wuerth describes the 970170151 as a “HEX […]
Microchip’s AC164164 – Google Cloud IoT with Microchip May 29, 2019- While Microchip definitely is known for its PIC microcontrollers, the company also produces various sensors and even a WiFi module. These components are now advertised as a cloud-ready package for the Internet of things. From a technical point of view, the AC164164 combines a PIC microcontroller, a WiFi module and sensors. Figure one provides an […]
Maxim’s MAX22513EVKIT – ioLink Made Easy May 29, 2019- Field busses come dime a dozen – sadly, their relatively complex protocols hamper their deployment in small sensors and actors. The ProfiBus user consortium’s ioLink system is a simpler interface which recently made waves. As with most other serial buses, creating a transciever by bit banging is a tedious and dissatisfactory job. Maxim’s MAX22513 provides […]
ON Semiconductor’s CAT4101 – End of Life, Discontinued May 29, 2019- Around 2010, ON Semiconductor introduced the world to the CAT4101 family of LED drivers. Sadly, the sands of time leave no one untouched – which is why we must channel Steve Jobs while mourning the death of our beloved friend, CAT4101TV-T75. As shown in the figure, the CAT4101 was a relatively simple constant current shunt […]
ST Microelectronics’ M41T6x Family – Keeping an Eye on Time May 29, 2019- Providing annoying users with an accurate timekeeping function is easy as long as the real-time operating system is running – things get interesting when the RTOS goes to sleep. A dedicated RTC such as ST Microelectronics’ MT41T62 provides a nice workaround. M41T62, M41T64 and M41T65 differ from the classic Dallas Semiconductor real time clocks in […]
Microchip’s 25AA256 – When Internal Flash is Not Enough May 29, 2019- Microchip’s 25AA256 and 25LC256 SPI eeproms provide a convinient “offline” storage facility for microcontrollers with SPI interfaces – up to 256 kbits can be stowed away safely. Seeing Microchip introduce SPI flash memory might look funny at first glance – the Americans are, after all, known for various microcontrollers with extremely ingenious remanent memory features. […]
LittelFuse’s 0456020.ER – A Family of High Performance Fuses April 8, 2019- Placing through-hole parts is among the most expensive parts of the PCB assembly operation. Eliminating them should be a task in the life of every hardware designer. LittelFuse – the name, as always, is not a typo by the OEMsecrets crew – provide the 456 family of high performance fuses which come in a handy […]
Infineon’s IPP60R060P7XKSA1 – What Benefits Does CoolMOS Offer? April 8, 2019- While MOSFETs show up often in OEMsecrets search trends due to various constraints when designing switching regulators, Infineon’s IPP60R060P7XKSA1 gave us a start – Mouser still lists the part is brand-new, the CoolMOS 7 technology was introduced but a few months ago. The C7 family differs from its predecessor in a variety of factors. Infineon […]
Texas Instruments’ TPA3125D2N – Audio Amplifier Design April 8, 2019- Audio amplifier design is an interesting and annoying task – while some made a fortune writing books on the topic, in many cases, any amplifier is good enough. Normally, parts such as the PAM8302 get used. In practice, one often needs more power – in this case, Texas Instruments TPA3125D2N is the part to call […]
Vishay’s CRCW-HP e3 Family & the CRCW120647R0FKEAHP April 8, 2019- Spikes are the bane of any and every automotive design. In many cases, they kill resistors by temporary terminal overload. Vishay’s CRCW-HP e3 family, one of which is the CRCW120647R0FKEAHP, provides designers with the tool to combat the problem. In theory, short-term overloads should not be a problem for resistors – after the spike has […]
Myrra 44266 – PCB-Mountable Transformers April 8, 2019- Even though recent failures of vintage HP test equipment have Joe Boeschert a bad name, history has all but vindicated his decision to become a pioneer of switching regulators. Their success has pushed classic transformers into the background – a significant mistake. In many cases, transformer-based supplies can be more efficient. This is caused by […]
STMicroelectronics’ VND5004B – Drive Ground-Connected Loads Without a Sweat March 26, 2019- Be it a fan, a turbine or any other kind of inductive or resistive load – keeping an eye on safety becomes difficult if large amounts of current flow. STM’s VND5004B and VND5004BSP30 high-side drivers are a nice way to work around the problem. Understanding the part is best accomplished by looking at figure one. […]
Texas Instruments’ LM4041 – When a Zener Just Doesn’t Cut it March 25, 2019- Finding a good voltage reference is as difficult as asking a cigar afficionado for the perfect smoke – the answer depends on the mood and the character of the individual queried. TI’s LM4041 series provides a “common sense” solution for all those not desperate for the highest accuracy. From a technical point of view, the […]
Vishay’s NTCS0805E3222JMT Case Resistor March 21, 2019- NTCs and other thermosensors traditionally come in through-hole packages. Vishays NTCS0805E3222JMT is an excellent SMD part which can be placed right next to the heat source or ground plane whose temperature value you wish to monitor. Just as in the case of most other Vishay resistors, the part number NTCS0805E3222JMT stands for but one component […]
Takachi’s TWN4-2-6W March 16, 2019- A frequently repeated bit of advice by the OEMsecrets crew involves looking off the beaten path. When looking for a ready-made case for your electronic trinket du jour, taking a look at the offerings of Takachi is an interesting alternative to classics such as Hammond. Based in – you guessed it – Japan, the company […]
Vishay’s TNPW Family – TNPW120614K3BEEA SMD Resistor March 14, 2019- SMD resistors are seen as a component which “just exists”. Designers are usually not willing to give the part more attention – unless one fails or becomes unaccurate due to overheating or environmental problems. Vishay’s TNPW family, represented here by family member TNPW120614K3BEEA, is an excellent candidate for all situations where high amounts of reliability […]
Trinamic’s TMC429 – Control Many Stepper Motors in One Go March 10, 2019- While controlling stepper motors – in theory – is easy, the devil hides in the details. Trinamic’s TMC428 was a total classic, which now got a more modern successor model. Trinamic has long seen its various ICs as a one-stop shop for all things stepper motor. In the case of the TMC429, this policy leads […]
Monitor Magnetic Fields with Honeywell’s SS411A March 8, 2019- Switches tend to wear out as time goes by – the Hall effect provides a nice alternative to detect “presence”. Honeywell’s sensor division provides an interesting set of devices in the SS400 and SS500 families. The neatest feature of the whole sensor family is their ability to work with wide supply voltage ranges – voltage […]
NXP’s PCF85063TP1Z – Providing Electronic Equipment with an Accurate Sense of Time March 4, 2019- Providing electronic equipment with an accurate sense of time has always been an interesting challenge – more than one company dedicates its existence to this job. NXP, being the successor of Philip Semiconductor, continues the Dutch real-time counter expertise. With the PCF85063TP, they offer a low-power part dedicated to timekeeping in both space and power […]
STMicroelectronics’ P0102BL – Ultra-Low Current Thyristors Make Switching Easy March 2, 2019- Thyristors are usually associated with high-power designs. In some cases, however, a thyristor also is well suited to an application where low power consumption is needed – ST’s P0102BL is the tool of choice. Its most outstanding attribute is the extremely low gate current. Firing off the P0102BL can be accomplished with but 200 Microamperes […]
On Semiconductor’s LM324DR2G February 27, 2019- When the LM324 opamp showed up in our OEMsecrets search trends, more than one engineer in our team was shocked – the 324 is one of the most beloved general-purpose operational amplifiers on the market. A more detailed analysis of the issue, however, shows that not all versions of the LM 324 are affected. Instead, […]
Texas Instruments’ ISO7420, ISO7420M and ISO7421 – Three Against Galvanic Connection February 24, 2019- Optocouplers should be well-known to most engineers. Texas Instruments ISO7420, ISO7420M and ISO7421 are a nice alternative for digital signals. They are optimized for digital signals with a speed of up to 1Mbps. Understanding the parts function is best accomplished by looking at a figure showing the pinout – figure one, taken straight from the […]
Analog Devices’ HMC1121 – amplify 5.5 to 8.5GhZ signals effortlessly February 19, 2019- Building simple Opamp-based amplifiers is not a big issue – as frequencies get higher, things start to become hairy. Analog Devices offers a dedicated amplifier for signals living in the 5.5 to 8.5GhZ bands. Let us start off with the RF mumbo-jumbo: our part provides 28 dB of gain, 44 dBm output IP3, and 36.5 […]
Detect Reflective Surfaces with a GP2S700HCP from Sharp Corporation February 16, 2019- Finding out whether things are nearby is a classic engineering problem – OEMSecrets already introduced you to a wide range of possibilities. Now, Sharp sends a classic optoreflective system into the fray. From a technical point of view, the part is quite simple. It combines a IR diode and a phototransistor in a single housing. […]
Cypress’ FM25V20A – RAM’s speed, Flash’s robustness February 12, 2019- After Maxim bought Dallas Semiconductor, their once-ubiquituous battery-backed SRAM chips became more and more expensive. Cypress – mainly known for its PSoC microcontrollers – offers an alternative in its FRAM technology. Parts like the FM25V20A use ferromagnetic random access memory technology: think of it as a new kind of RAM using a ferromagnetic layer for […]
On Semiconductor’s – ESD8472MUT5G – ESD protection without the price February 8, 2019- Keeping ESD out is best accomplished by protection diodes – sadly, many of not most of them have high capacities which cause problems with fast signals. The ESD8472, also known as SZESD8472MUT5G, works around that problem. It is based on the concept of the antiparalell diode – think of the part like of a combination […]
Vishay’s ES1B-E3/61T – A Rectifier Diode for High Frequency Applications February 5, 2019- Exploding Rectifier Diodes ranks high among the questions found in forms related to restoring test equipment. Vishay’s diode family, made up of the ES1A, ES1B, ES1C and ES1D, provide a nice workaround for the problem. To understand, let us recapitulate. When a diode is switched “off”, the current initially flows the other way while separating […]
TE Connectivity ATUM-12/4-0-STK – Heat-Shrink Tubing for Sticky Situations February 2, 2019- TE Connectivity ATUM-12/4-0-STK – heat-shrink tubing for “sticky” situations Heat shrink tubing usually has very limited contraction rates, which makes covering connector and cable in one piece difficult. TE’s classic provides a nice workaround. When bought, the ATUM-12/4-0-STK is 12mm wide – a short date with a sufficiently strong heat source sets off a recovery […]
5-146281-2 – Pin Headers for Arduinos and Breadboards December 11, 2018- Small companies usually lack the dedicated engineering… Small companies usually lack the dedicated engineering facilities required for prototyping parts with extremely fine pitch – getting BGA soldered at home is tremendously difficult and almost impossible. A nice way to get small companies interested in your product involves offering evaluation boards. These usually end up in […]
TT Electronics ULW3-100RJA1 – A Resistor Which Doubles as a Fuse December 11, 2018- In many cases, a resistor is found in series with a fuse. If an assembly is intended to be factory-maintained only, fusible resistors let you eliminate one of the components. Fusible resistors usually come in device families. We will focus our attention on the ULW3-100RJA1 – it is a 100 Ohm through-hole resistor with a […]
LM2653MTC-ADJ from Texas Instruments December 11, 2018- Texas Instruments offers engineers a set of switching regulator evergreens which combine high efficiency with simple PCB layouts. The highly efficient LM2653, first introduced in 1999, usually stands in the shadow of his SimpleSwitch-branded brothers. While the letter are expensive and don’t deliver high efficiency, the LM2653 performs efficiently and affordably over a wide range […]
M24xxx Series – Cheap Memory for Microcontrollers December 10, 2018- Cheap memory for microcontrollers No matter how large your microcontroller’s memory might be – in practice, you will always need just a little bit more. In that case, STMicroelectronics’s SPI EEPROM provides a nice alternative to more established players. Obviously, the biggest advantage of SPI involves the simplicity in connecting the part – you don’t […]
BlueNRG-1 bluetooth without hassle December 10, 2018- Designing and impendance matching RF-related circuitry is an art of its own. STMicroelectronics’s SPBTLE-1S combines a Bluetooth 4.2 radio module with a Cortex-M0 processor intended to handle RF communications. A look at the block diagram confirms that the module is, by and large, an SoC in a box. Thanks to STM pre-soldering it all onto […]
Texas Instruments’ OPA333 & OPA2333 November 7, 2018- TI’s micro-power OPA333x opamp goes where few opamps have gone before No matter how advanced your digital circuitry is: sometimes, you need an OpAmp. Technology improvements allow for low-power rail to rail OpAmps such as the OPA333. Running operational amplifiers from a single supply is a sure-fire way to cause problems while training. Generating positive […]
Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840-dk November 7, 2018- Nordic Semiconductor evaluation kits for cheap Nordic semiconductor is the king of the wireless hill. Their chips support a variety of protocols used in the internet of things. The recently announced nRF52840 Dongle uses the nRF52840 chip on a USB stick-like PCB. The $10 planar can plug into a PC. After that, it supports all […]
Laird DA1206C121R-10 Ferrite bead networks November 6, 2018- Ferrite bead networks – it takes multiple beads to tango Ferrite beads come in groups – if your circuit needs one, it usually doesn‘t take long until a regulator makes you add another. Laird now provides a resistor array-like solution for the ferrite bead problem. For those of you new to the concept: a ferrite […]
NXP PCF2127 November 6, 2018- Lord of the time Adding real time clock information to microcontroller driven systems is problematic. As time goes by, small errors in computing routines add up. Given that users hate entering system times, a real-time element is valuable. NXP – once Philips Semiconductors – is an old hand in the space of real time clocks, […]
Accelerate machine learning with the Xilinx ALVEO A-U200-P64G-PQ-G November 6, 2018- Accelerate machine learning with the Xilinx ALVEO A-U200-P64G-PQ-G Bitcoin mining experienced a severe acceleration with the introduction of dedicated accelerator ICs, most of which achieved effiency ratings miles above normal GPUs. Xilinx now introduces a series of FPGA-based accelerators intended for data center and machine learning jobs. From a principal point of view, both ALVEO […]
NXP’s MMA8451QR1 October 10, 2018- Accelerometer ahoi! Process computer designs usually start out with an accelerometer. As reliability problems creep in, making the switch to a more “professional” solution is beneficial. Accelerometers are based on the MEMS principle: instead of being a purely solid-state affair, the inside of the chip contains a micromechanical motion sensor along with a small mass. […]
Texas Instruments’ PGA20 x series October 10, 2018- One, Two, Gain! Test equipment and sensors both profit from amplifiers which change their gain on the fly. One of Texas Instruments evergreens recently saw quite a bit of additional attention. From a technical point of view, the part is extremely simple. As shown in the figure, the part – in essence – is an […]
Using NXP’s NXQ1TXH5 Qi Charging Circuit October 10, 2018- QIck charging Adding wireless charging to furniture and other consumer goods is a nice way to add some oomph to an otherwise boring product. NXP’s NXQ1TXH5 provides an interesting, albeit difficult-to-prototype way around the problem. Creating a Qi-compatible is as easy as assembling the example circuit shown in figure one. From a technical point of […]
BAV99 and BAS16 – Smart Diodes October 10, 2018- Smart diodes Two-terminal diodes are among the best-known components in electrical engineering: electronics 101 cannot be passed without them – BAV99 and BAS16. Combining multiple diodes reduces part count and assembly cost. Candidate number one is the BAS16: a classic diode with 100V of reverse voltage capability and a decently fast switching time of about […]
AD9833 from Analog Devices October 10, 2018- Waveform-a-gogo! While arbitrary waveform generators are among the most helpful tools in the laboratory, they tend to spend most of their time outputting sines, triangles, and rectangles intended to stimulate sensors or actors. Analog Devices AD9833 is a compact IC dedicated to precise waveform emission. From a technical point of view, the part – its […]
Analog Devices’ AD215 September 6, 2018- Isolated amplifier Galvanic insulation is God‘s gift to man – whether optocoupler or light waveguide line, being able to transfer things without creating a physical connection is extremely valuable. Sadly, most optocouplers are not particularly smart – an aspect Analog Devices seeks to change. Given that the AD215 is quite complex, let us start out […]
Diodes Incorporated’s APX803S-31SA-7 helping you with Voltage Trips September 6, 2018- Voltage gatekeeper Vdd brownouts are among the most common antipodes of microcontroller design – they are especially annoying, as their presence is not easy to detect. Diodes Incorporated provides a new family of easy-to-use supply voltage monitor ICs. From a principal point of view, the parts are not difficult to understand. Simply connect them to […]
Panasonic’s popular EXB-28V470JX September 6, 2018- It takes two to tango! Be it pull-up resistors, pull-down resistors or just any other thing – many, if not most PCB designs come with a group of similar resistors. The knee-jerk reaction involves hitting the add a resistor button until the PCB is populated. Resistor networks provide an attractive alternative. Resistor networks come in […]
Littelfuse’s RUEF300 Fuse September 6, 2018- A fuse which never blows Surface-mount fuses do a good job at protecting components from burning up – sadly, exchanging them is not a simple task manageable by end users. LittelFuse‘s RUEF series provide an attractive alternative, which is not widely known. Parts like the RUEF300 are based on the concept of the PTC. Designers […]
Wurth’s 150353 LED Family September 6, 2018- LED, meet Plant One of the issues making underground real estate unpopular with engineers is the lack of the ability to grow plants. Artificial lighting has low efficiency – recently, Würth introduced a set of LEDs targeted to the needs of plants. High school biology teaches that photosynthesis requires the presence of light. In practice, […]
Infineon IRLML5203PBF and Cree C3M0065090J August 7, 2018- MOSFET Raising In the age of the IC, transistors usually are not considered particularily interesting. However, some MOSFETs stand in the center of attention – let us be your guide to some cool components. Reduced Creepage! Crees C3M0065090J is not particularily impressive from a purely technical point of view – its main secret, instead, lays […]
USB3145-30-1-A and DT13-08PA – Through-Hole Connectors August 7, 2018- Through-Hole Connectors Going Strong SMD inductors are a common culprit for TMI failures – if a HP 34401A croaks, checking input coils is a great idea. Nevertheless, engineers keep using SMD parts in this area. An interesting question is how developers think about SMD connectors. Having analysed search trends for both SMD and THT connector […]
MicroSemi AS73211 Precision Colour Sensor August 7, 2018- Precision colour sensing made easy Austrian MicroSemi recently divested itself of its transceiver portfolio, leaving standards such as AS-I stranded. Sensors were selected as the new main field of business, leading to the introduction of a few extremely interesting products such as the JENCOLOR colour sensor ICs. In principle, the sensor is laid out according […]
Analog Devices’ LT4412B and LTC4412 August 7, 2018- A Very Brainy Diode Jack Ganssle, publisher of the legendary EmbeddedMuse newsletter, once stated that the embedded space is ideal as things permanently improve. When looking at diodes, the reverse is true – silicon-based diodes have had a drop of 0.7V for ages. Analog Devices now brings a workaround for power supply ORring circuits. In […]
Weidmüller 1469530000 and TMR 1212 August 7, 2018- To build or to buy? Power supply design has always been a bit of a topic – long-term followers of the OEMsecrets article series know that repairing TMI usually starts out with power supply trouble. Due to that, buying an off-the-shelf module can be attractive. Here are a few parts which caught our eye recently. […]
TPS7B68 – Watchdog Meets LDO July 9, 2018- Power supply problems and software lockups are amongst the most common issues… Power supply problems and software lockups are amongst the most common issues plaguing embedded systems. Watchdog timers alleviate the latter – they are now embedded in almost all microcontrollers. Some standards, however, demand the use of dedicated IC – in this case, Texas […]
STM8S903K3T6C 8Bit Microcontroller from STMicroelectronics July 9, 2018- If an 8bit microcontroller is needed… If an 8bit microcontroller is needed, Microchip normally comes up first. STMicroelectronics, a company more commonly associated with 32-bit processors, also offers quite a bit of eight bit technology. The STM8S903K3T6C, which we are going to introduce today, is a classic member of the family. First of all, take […]
PSSI2021SAY – Current Source IC by Nexperia July 9, 2018- Current sources can be considered the outcast of the voltage source Current sources can be considered the outcast of the voltage source. They are a part which can be tremendously useful, but is not particularly well understood. A constant current source is a device driving a set current out of its pin. Physics dictates this […]
Analog Devices’ AD534 Series July 9, 2018- Digital to analog converters usually come with one or two channels… Digital to analog converters usually come with one or two channels. Sadly, analog output needs tend to flock – in that case, Analog Device’s eight-converter AD534x family is an excellent contender. As with most DACs, the functional block diagram provides a general overview of […]
A Spike’s Mortal Enemy July 9, 2018- Disturbances of the power supply are common… Disturbances of the power supply are common – in the automotive space just as much as in classic AC grids. Additional demands imposed by various forms of alternate energy will only make the issue worse, thereby ensuring that surge protection will remain a topic. Metal Oxide Varistors, also […]
ASEM-Series by ABRACON June 22, 2018- Small, fast and stable Generating a stable clock is far from easy: while current microcontrollers usually have some kind of embedded clock source, accuracy requires external components. Integrated oscillators provide a very interesting alternative, one of which we will look at here. The ASEM-Series by ABRACON is a very reliable standard oscillator chip. In principle, […]
S25FL128SAGBHI200 – Cypress Flash Chips June 22, 2018- Capacitor prices… all hands on deck, brace for impact! MLCC capacitor troubles are real: since Murata decided to exit the market, prices go up. A similar trend can also be seen in flash memory. Memory prices have long shown themselves to be subject to the “pigs cycle”. This is shown by looking two types of […]
RS485 Driver June 22, 2018- RS485 sounds like just another serial protocol… RS485 sounds like just another serial protocol which no one really uses anymore. Sadly, this cannot be further from the truth – read on to find out about its benefits and about an IC which makes implementing it really easy. Differential signaling is helpful wherever noise can interfere […]
SMBJ5342B-TP – SMBJ Diode June 22, 2018- Resilient attenuator on the cheap! When adjusting voltage levels for process computers, accuracy is not always important: in many cases, good isolation from the incoming high voltage spikes is of more significance. A primitive design for an attenuator usually follows the lines shown in figure 1 – a small diode and a “stock” resistor is […]
LCB710 – A nerd’s dream… June 21, 2018- Controlling a large current with a small one without a physical connection… Controlling a large current with a small one without a physical connection, traditionally leads to a knee-jerk reaction of relays. Optocouplers traditionally were limited to low currents. For quite a bit of time, solid-state relays have been on the market. What once was […]
IRPS5401MTRPBF – SMD Coils – Yes, No or Maybe? June 8, 2018- Old hands are not necessarily warm towards the idea of surface-mount in general… Old hands are not necessarily warm towards the idea of surface-mount in general; surface-mount inductors are considered the devil’s handiwork. On the other hand, integration and assembly cost pressures motivate even the most conservative designer to take a second look at SMD. […]
0430450200 – Quo Vadis, Connector Industry? May 4, 2018- Whilst boring to most electrical engineers, connectors manage to gain significant interest in our search queries… Whilst boring to most electrical engineers, connectors manage to gain significant interest in our search queries. At the last Hannover Fair, connector manufacturers showed off an interesting developmental path. Let us start out with the obvious; if something does […]
NRF51 – To Spend or Not to Spend… May 3, 2018- Some years ago, development kits were expensive by definition… Some years ago, development kits were expensive by definition. As the “maker revolution” redistributed electronics development into smaller and smaller companies, prices fell. Whilst Boeing or UAC might not flinch at a 600€ PCB, some of our clients balk heavily. When dealing with Nordic Semiconductors, developers […]
Using Murata’s PKMCS0909E4000-R1 to Create Sounds May 2, 2018- Adding sound to a product can be useful in many cases… Adding sound to a product can be useful in many cases; in addition to checking boxes on product demand lists, a bone-shattering beep is a sure-fire way to alert users to problems in systems. Murata’s extensive experience in the production of all kinds of […]
Microchip’s MCP1640 | Super-Effective Battery Power May 1, 2018- Super-effective battery power Designers working on line-powered systems are in luck; whilst wasting power is always bad, a few mA of waste don’t really matter. When working on battery powered systems, every bit of energy helps – an efficient switching regulator can be helpful in various ways. First of all, the holy grail of battery […]
Allegro’s ACS723 Sensor Provides a Low Resistance of Just 0.65 Milliohms April 27, 2018- Measuring currents is one of the oldest tasks of metrology… Measuring currents is one of the oldest tasks of metrology. The knee jerk reaction involves adding a resistor to the current path and then analysing the voltage drop. Hall effect sensors provide a variety of benefits ranging from simplicity to galvanic insulation. Allegro’s ACS723 sensor […]
Texas Instruments’ BQ40Z50 Alternative April 26, 2018- The same, or different? Many moons ago, creating a battery for a mobile device was simple. You grabbed a few nickel cadmium cells, trickle charged them and you were sorted. Today, advanced battery chemistry and their explosive behaviour make matters more difficult. Fortunately, TI‘s BQ40Z50 family provides a convenient alternative – and communicates via Intel’s […]
GRT188R60J226ME13D & VJ0805G226MXYTW1BC – The Benefits of MLCC Capacitors Part II April 5, 2018- As discussed last week, MLCC capacitors will provide a variety of benefits to designers willing to use them… As discussed last week, MLCC capacitors will provide a variety of benefits to designers willing to use them. However, recent developments have shown stock levels to become critical. The trade press and analysts are assuming that the […]
RNU1A100MDS1 – The Benefits of MLCC Capacitors Part I April 4, 2018- Casual observation would claim that the main job of a parts search engine like OEMsecrets involves… Casual observation would claim that the main job of a parts search engine like OEMsecrets involves finding cheaper sources for expensive parts. Recently, relatively low-priced MLCC capacitors have taken the lead in terms of search interest – let us […]
Raspberry Pi 3B+ – Wireless Freedom for the Pi-ple April 2, 2018- When the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the Raspberry Pi Three… When the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the Raspberry Pi Three, many a developer was fascinated by the integrated Wi-Fi module. Sadly, practical performance was not quite as good. Let’s find out if the next generation brings any improvement. The most important thing first: the Raspberry […]
Amper Tradeshow Fair April 1, 2018- Whilst the Nuremberg-based Embedded World celebrates its birthday… While the Nuremberg-based Embedded World celebrates its birthday, the Czech Amper tradeshow is in the 26th year of continuous operation. Let OEMsecrets guide you through the most interesting aspects of the fair. First of all, semiconductor manufacturers and makers of test equipment usually don’t show up in […]
Power to the Pii-ple March 26, 2018- The third revision of the Raspberry Pi can best be summed…. The third revision of the Raspberry Pi can best be summed up by the old adage of more of the same. A faster processor and Power over Ethernet capability were advertised – OEMsecrets tells you what you need to know. Raspberry Pi’s are always […]
ST’s VL53L1CXV0FY/1 ST Distance March 19, 2018- Measure distance with ST’s VL53L1X distance sensor Creating “color” images is not new. Microsoft’s Kinect sensor introduced developers to getting spatial information: a trick which STM now make manageable via their laser-based distance sensor monoliths which are ideally suited to drone landing sensors, distance-sensitive ignitors and other trinkets. All in one… Unlike the sensor used […]
TLV7011 Series Comparator from Texas Instruments March 12, 2018- TLV7011 Series Comparator from Texas Instruments Digital is not everything: in real life, one sometimes needs a comparator. Texas Instruments recently-introduced TLV70x1 series provide a cheap and space-conscious solution for this problem. The traditional knee-jerk reaction to a problem requiring a comparator is a great indicator of your age; some will grab an LM324, others […]