Panasonic power choke coils for automotive and industrial applications offer high resistance to heat and vibration

Panasonic’s ETQP Series metal-composite type power choke coils offer exceptional robustness for use in harsh automotive and industrial applications.

AEC-Q200 qualified, they are ideal for use as noise filters in drive circuits, and in step-down and step-up circuits in DC-DC converters, voltage regulators and buck-boost converters.

The ETQP Series inductors are notable for their high current capability, high heat resistance and excellent thermal stability. Made with a high temperature-capable resin material, the ETQP Series inductors are rated for an operating temperature of up to 160°C.

Other key features of these Panasonic power inductors include:

  • Vibration resistance of 10g-30g
  • Up to 40% smaller than equivalent ferrite-type inductors
  • High tolerance of thermal shock when cycle-tested at -40°C to 150°C
  • Metal-composite core with magnetic shielding
  • Non-hard saturation

In industrial equipment, the ETQP series devices are suitable for:

  • Automation
  • Servers
  • LED drivers
  • Power supply modules

The ETQP series coils are suitable for use in automotive applications including:

  • Hybrid and fully electric vehicles
  • Engine ECUs
  • ADAS
  • Power train
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